Startups from the Launch Cafe

The Launch Cafe is filled with startups. And we don’t mean just any recently formed company, but new businesses with scalable innovative ideas and technology in their DNA. The kind of startup that works with a team, has big ambitions to grow, but is still in its startup phase and researching the best ways to create solid revenue.

Startups from the Launch Cafe

Startups, initiatives, freelancers and companies

Aside from startups, there are a number of fantastic people, companies and  initiatives working from the Launch Cafe. You’ll find all the founders on the community page.

Launch Cafe startups

Have a startup too?

Do you have your own startup or are you still trying to come up with some great ideas? Drop by at the Launch Cafe! We’re curious to know just what you’re working on and we love to share our thoughts. Feel free to send us a message, so we can meet up for a friendly chat.