Finding your way around the Launch Cafe

naamloos (4 van 46)When do you check in?

When you work at a flexible workspace using a flex day or multi-day ticket, you have to check in on the iPad at the check-in desk upon arrival. If you have a subscription you don’t need to check in and can get to work right away. Information about our fees for the workspaces is on the page: ‘Workspaces’.

Experience our ‘Slimmer’ Wi-Fi

The internet in the Launch Cafe is provided by one of our startups, Slimmer Wifi, because we think it’s important that everybody has amazing internet. Experiencing problems with the internet? Tell us, we’ll try to fix it right away.

Coffee, tea and consumptions

You can get a cup of coffee or tea yourself, you’ll find coffee cups in the cabinet under the coffee machine. Tea, sugar and milk are also all within your reach. Is there an error, don’t you understand the machine or does it not work? Feel free to ask us! You can bring other consumptions yourself, there’s probably a free spot in the fridge for your super healthy salad or pie (for treating us on pie we have more than enough plates).

Getting to know people, welcome to the network!

As opposed to a normal cafe, most people come to the Launch Cafe on their own on their first day. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to others, it will make your working day so much more fun! Tip: on the ‘community wall’ in the cafe you can see all the people that work in the Launch Cafe. Ofcourse we also have an online overview, next to that you can search for people based on skills using the Launch Cafe startup Let’s Collect. Do you want to be added to the list? Ask us, we’ll get right to it.

Welcome! Can I help you?

Do you have questions, ideas or do you want to be introduced to the Launch Cafe network? Ask me anything!


IMG_20160126_125506Do you want to have lunch with us?

Because the Community within the Launch Cafe is very close, the people who want to, lunch together during the afternoon. Somebody comes by to ask who wants to join, there is even a sort of robot that takes stock of those who want to have lunch. How all this works precisely, we’ll explain to you during your very first lunch. Did you bring your own sandwiches? Come join us!

naamloos (31 van 46)Callroom

When you feel the need to have a quiet phone call, you can make use of the callroom. The callroom is located just behind the toilets at the entrance. Close the door so everybody knows the room is being used! This room cannot be reserved or used as a workspace.

Printing and copying

If you want to print some documents, you can go to and follow the steps (please print in black & white). How to scan and copy is also explained there. You can find the printer in the hall by the toilets just behind the conference rooms.

Welcoming customers and guests

You can welcome customers and people from your network in the Launch Cafe for free. If the conversation is over and your guest wants to work on his own in the Launch Cafe than he can do so ofcourse. He or she then needs to check in on the iPad. Guests who want to work for a day in the Launch Cafe can check in and make use of their free trial day if they have never worked in the Launch Cafe before.

naamloos (36 van 46)Lockers

Do you want to store your laptop or other valuable items for when you’re gone for a little while? We have special lockers where you can store your valuable belongings. Sweet!


naamloos (17 van 46)Books

Do you want to learn about the lean startup method or do you need inspiration? Look into the bookcase and you might find something interesting. Do you have a fun or useful book that you’ve finished and would like to share with the community? Put your name in it and add it to the bookcase.


naamloos (45 van 46)Conference rooms

If you want to welcome guests or have a meeting with a group, we also offer the possibility to rent conference rooms (for 2 until 15 people). Look at our website for the fees or ask one of our employees!


The Launch Cafe wants to bring as many startups as possible together with other interesting innovative ideas to brainstorm or share ideas. That’s why we organise a lot of meetups about different, fun subjects. Interested? Keep your eye on the Launch Cafe Agenda on the website!

Friday afternoon drinks

Ofcourse our bar isn’t there just for the looks, especially on fridays we like to make use of it. On friday afternoon at around 16.30 o’clock the first beers are opened. This is a fun moment to get to know your colleague flexworkers even better.

naamloos (39 van 46)Fablab

Do you have an idea and want to make a prototype? The FabLab is a workplace where they can help you make the first version of your product. Do you want to lasercut, make prototypes or 3D-print? Come by the FabLab and see what they can do to help!


Can we help you with anything else?

Do you have questions, ideas or points of improvement? Feel free to come to us and aks us, or send us an email using the contactform below. We’d love to help you!