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lekker broodje lunchThe Launch Cafe has built up a good bond with FoodFellas. FoodFellas delivers a qualitative lunch for an attractive price. Below you can see the options and order a lunch with FoodFellas by filling out the contact form. Ofcourse you can bring your own food and drinks to the Launch Cafe. Coffee, tea and water are always included.


Lunch Base

2 sandwiches per person (mixed luxurious hard and soft buns) topped with for example:

lunch launch cafe
– cheese, musterdmayonnaise and cucumber
– homemade eggsalad, tomato and cress
– nettlecheese with chives, tomato and iceberg lettuce
– goat’s cheese with with marinated red onion and rocket
– smoked ribeye with basilmayonnaise, rocket and courgette
– ham with a boiled egg, butterhead lettuce and tomato
– chorizo with cream cheese, cornsalad and cucumber
– smoked pork with grilled vegetables and pine nuts

+ Handfruit (apple/banana/pear/tangerine/…)
+ 0.25 l. milk/buttermilk/jus d’orange (in liter cartons)
+ napkins

Additional options

Soup of the day (including heaters/bowl and spoon)
Creamy Italian tomatosoup with olive oil and parmezan cheese (including heaters/bowl and spoon)
Sandwich with turkeymerguez, coleslaw and homemade barbecuesauce
A piece of vegetarian quiche of the day
Fruitsalad instead of handfruit packed by portion with a fork
Greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts packed by portion with a spoon


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