Founded in Grunnn Roadshow

Event Details

Datum: woensdag 16 september 2015
Tijdstip: 13:30 uur - 15:00 uur
Locatie: Launch Cafe
Dit event is in het: English

Founded in Groningen will be going on the road, coming to a venue near you and use your brainpower to develop an awesome online portal! Today we will visit Launch Cafe.

Let’s brainstorm about features and ideas for our startup city portal: Founded in Groningen. What kind of features do you need? And why would you use a portal like Founded in Groningen?

Results will be used as input for briefings to create a new online portal that truly represents our community. All input will be available to the community to enable an open competition.

Let’s discuss what we actually need from a start-up ecosystem and how an online portal can contribute to let startups grow better and faster.

Join fellow founders, investors, and start-up enthusiasts in this open brainstorm

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